Glowing Testimonial from a Happy Client!

We just received the following testimonial from a client - we recently closed on their property and had to go to bat with a title company that was trying to charge for unnecessary expenses - needless to say, the title company ended up eating the expense and our hard work saved our client an additional $1,500+. Here is what our client had to say:

When circumstances turn difficult, a seller could not ask for a better agent to have in their corner.
Steve Hardy was on top of every detail and gave good advice regarding various aspects of the purchase agreement and building inspection items.
The good outcome we achieved at the 11th hour during a contentious closing was thanks to Mr Hardy's close attention to details which caught errors that would have proven expensive for us as sellers if they had been missed.  His ability to cite rules and regulations that applied won by the end of the day for us as his clients.
I will always be grateful, we moved our listing from a conventional realtor to this more unique "team" effort.  Mr Hardy gave us full support when it mattered most.  Our involvement in the marketing process allowed us to have first contact with prospective buyers as we were the people with intimate knowledge of the property.
Seller, 303 Lakeshore Dr, Elephant Butte NM


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