Testimonial From A Happy Client

We just received this great testimonial from a happy client - love being compared to other disruptors like Airbnb and Uber!

We tried to sell our home in Rancho Viejo for several months without a broker and had several showings, but no real buyers.  We listed it on the MLS with Steve Hardy in June of 2016 and saw a significant increase in showings, and a lot fewer cancellations.  We closed in late Jan. 2017 to new arrivals in Santa Fe who came with a broker to see our house. Steve continued to advise me through the transaction.  I was never more pleased to pay their broker $10,000 at closing, knowing we had saved at least that much on the commission and the GRT (sales tax). 

Like Airbnb, and Uber, Hardy & Co., is helping to transform home sales, giving buyers more options so we can pay for the services we want, not the ones we don't.   And that makes housing more affordable for everyone.


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