A Testimonial From a Happy Client!

We just received the following testimonial from a happy client. The client was thrilled with our service and saved about $10,000 in commissions, compared to a traditional broker.

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January 5, 2017 

To Whom it May Concern: 

I inherited my deceased mother's home in Santa Fe in August, 2016. I contemplated  different marketing/sales options for the property. I am a retired mortgage banker, so I have  a pretty fair understanding of the residential sales process. In light of this, I did not feel that  it was necessary to hire a listing agent and pay a full 6% fee to sell the home. 

Steve Hardy was referred to me by Steve Riemann, the owner of Santa Fe Title. Mr.  Riemann mentioned that Mr. Hardy offered a “limited services” program whereby he would  list the property on the MLS, as well as Realtor.com, for a flat fee. There would be no  additional costs to me, from Hardy & Company, to sell my home. 

I contacted Steve Hardy in late September, 2016. He was professional, honest,  knowledgeable, and thorough. He informed me, that for $399 (plus tax), I could list my  property without the 3% commission due to the listing realtor. 

Steve Hardy was very “reachable” throughout the process. I spoke to Steve on several  occasions at the outset, inquiring as to efficient strategies of getting the house sold. When I  was struggling with the photo aspect of the listing, Steve referred me to a photographer who  was perfectly accommodating. 

Steve Hardy was excellent. I closed on the property yesterday. I had a significantly  higher net that I would have realized had I gone the “traditional realtor route”.  I could not be happier or more satisfied with the service that Hardy & Company provided  me! 


Stephen Knauer 
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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