A Testimonial - We Helped This Client Sell 3 Homes in ABQ!

The following testimonial just came in from a client we have been working with for a few years.  They owned three investment properties in Albuquerque and were at a point in their life when they wanted to sell all of their properties and move in a different direction.  The testimonial has some great advice for seller's in it as well! By the way, they tell me that the commission dollars they saved helped them buy a place in Hawaii...
Why not be your own selling agent and save thousands of dollars by not giving away your hard earned equity??  Despite a slow market, we sold our 3 Albuquerque homes Through Hardy and Company and saved $14,000 in commissions.   Steve is easy to work with, responds promptly to questions, sales leads, buyers & realtor needs, & title company closing needs, He is very available and handles communications quickly and efficiently.  You must have these 2 things: Great, professional MLS  pictures (ABQ Home Pics are awesome), and a professional yard sign.  We looked at other FSBO & multiple listing companies all had cheap looking unprofessional signs.  Hardy and Company provides professional signage.  Most of the realtors we dealt with didn't even know this was a Flat Fee MLS listing.  You don't have to be a professional realtor, this is a great way to sell and the buyers realtor writes up all the paperwork so you just need to be able to read it, negotiate, and respond to it.  We  recommend you pay for an inspection up front so there are no surprises and no need for the 2nd negotiation that usually occurs 20-30 days into the deal after inspection results are revealed and the buyers realtor demands you  pay for everything to be taken care of that was wrong from the inspection. So as not to have your property tied up, after accepting an offer, immediately provide the buyers agent with the disclosure statement and the inspection report and on the purchase agreement allow 10 days (not 20-30) from date of receiving reports for objections.
Great working with you Steve!
Rick & Debbie
Learn more about our innovative programs like our Flat Fee Listing Programs, and our Commission Rebate Program for Buyers. They are just some of the ways Hardy and Company helps our clients Keep More and Pay Less when buying and selling real estate.

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