Another Great Month For Hardy and Company - We Saved Our Clients over $64,750 in Commissions in April - Over $240K in Commission Savings This Year!

Wow!  Another month in the bag and over $64,750 of dollars in commission savings.
April was a fantastic month for Hardy and Company (and for all of our clients who we helped save money when buying and selling real estate)! We listed a total of 9 new properties and closed on Seven sales.  Congratulations to all of our sellers!  In April, we saved our clients over $64,750 in commissions.
So far, in 2013, we have save our clients in excess of $240,000!
When I look back on each month I continue to be amazed by just how much money we are saving people who are buying and selling real estate.  When I first started the company in 2009 I had no idea how popular our Flat Fee Listing Programs and Commission Rebate program would become.  I think it just goes to show that when you let people decide what services they need, charge a fair price for those services, and provide great customer service that things just start to work.  I honestly believe that the model we have created is the direction that the real estate industry will heading over the years and am thrilled that we are at the forefront. I hope you take some time to learn more about our Flat Fee Listing Programs, and our Commission Rebate Program for Buyers, they are just some of the ways Hardy and Company helps our clients Keep More and Pay Less when buying and selling real estate. Steve Hardy President and Qualifying Broker

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