Our Best Month Ever! We saved out clients over $123,500 in Commissons in March!

All I can say is WOW!
March was an incredible month for Hardy and Company (and for all of our clients who we helped save money when buying and selling real estate)! We listed a total of 9 new properties and closed on EIGHT sales (that's 2 each week... I can use a vacation...).  Congratulations to all of our sellers!  All in all, we saved our clients over $123,500 in commissions in March.  So far, in 2013, we have save our clients in excess of $175,000! I'm just thrilled that our innovative real estate programs are working so well and that our model is really starting to make people take notice of the direction I think the real estate industry will heading over the years. I'm so happy that we are at the forefront and are pioneering the change rather than hoping nothing will change, like so many traditional brokers do everyday. I hope you take some time to learn more about our Flat Fee Listing Programs, and our Commission Rebate Program for Buyers, they are just some of the ways Hardy and Company helps our clients Keep More and Pay Less when buying and selling real estate. Steve Hardy President and Qualifying Broker

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