Testimonial & Case Study From A Happy Client

We received the following letter from a very happy client - call us to day if we can help you with your next real estate transaction!


I am so thankful I found you!  I was in a dilemma about the sale of my South Capitol condo;  I had been there less than two years and had invested in some rehab, so I knew my margins would be tight.  Therefore I felt I would need to go with some kind of FSBO option to make the numbers work.  I also was a Realtor for many years in Florida and felt I really didn’t need someone to represent me in the sale.  What I did need, however, was to get a listing into MLS and tap into the hundreds of eager Santa Fe Realtors with ready buyers, which can’t be done without listing through a Broker.  I also knew I would probably need some help with understanding New Mexico real estate general practices and law.

So I googled “Flat fee real estate broker, Santa Fe, NM,” and up pops Hardy & Company Real Estate!  I called and talked to Steve Hardy (the owner of Hardy & Co.) with a number of questions, and he took all the time I needed to completely explain his listing programs, his fees, services, etc.  I ended up ordering the Flat Fee Listing, the photo package and a flyer box for the sign.

The actual listing package contained a lot of paperwork, but Steve had very thorough instructions on how to fill everything out.  I called him with the few questions I had, which he completely answered for me.  During this time he also came out and took photos of my condo.  I was impressed!  The photos really turned out well.

So the listing date was set, I put up the sign with flyers, and we were off and running!  The first two weeks I had so many showings I was overwhelmed!  Many days it was three to four showings a day scheduled by those hardworking Buyer’s Agents.  Steve has a great system in that all inquires that came to him, either by email or voice mail, would be forwarded to me within the hour and I would promptly follow up.  

So after a hectic couple of weeks, here’s the result:  I ended up with four offers in less than 30 days and I accepted a 99% price offer, which closed in 30 days.  After closing, I figured out how much I saved by using Steve Hardy’s services:  $13,537 !!!  Hey, that’s a lot of money!  And I’m so happy to have it in MY pocket rather than someone else’s!

Thank you so much, Steve!  Through the whole process you were there whenever I had a question and gave top notch service every step of the way.  I am so glad to have found your company and will use you again in the future.  I highly recommend Steve Hardy and his listing programs to any of you thinking about taking the FSBO route – this is so much better!

 - Valerie


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