Buyer Services

When you purchase real estate, put our years of experience and hundreds of transactions behind you. Plus, we can usually save you money in the process! On average, we save our typical buyer client around 1% of the sales price. On a $500,000 purchase, that's around $5,000!

How It Works

This program is full service representation from day one. However, like all our other services, it is based on some basic sharing of responsibilities. If you would like us to help you purchase real estate under this program (and possibly save some money), the process generally looks like this:

  • You search online for properties that are of interest - we highly recommend Zillow. Zillow's search tools are the most advanced that we have seen and allow you to keep a pulse on the market. Alternatively, we are happy to setup an alert service using the MLS.
  • Once you have identified a property, drive by it to be sure you like the curb appeal and the neighborhood.
  • If the property looks interesting and is on your "top list", then contact us so we cab schedule a showing and go see the property together.
  • If you decide to place an offer, we will then draft the offer.
    • Included in the offer is an agreement with the seller that Hardy & Co., will accept a reduced commission (for example if the seller is offering 3%, we might propose to accept 2%). The offer will reflect a purchase price that includes the seller's savings on commissions and we ask the seller to consider their savings when evaluating your offer.
  • Once the property is under contract, we work with you hand-in-hand throughout the closing process and assist you in evaluating the inspection report, title work, surveys, HOA documents, and any other items that come up throughout the process.

How to get Started

Because this program is so unique and each buyer has different needs and financing requirements, please contact us directly to learn if our buyer representation program might work for you.

Terms and Considerations

There are some limitations to our buyer representation program, but we have tried to keep them as simple as possible:

  • If you have signed a Buyer/Broker Agreement with another real estate broker, we are unable to help you as you have entered into a contractual relationship with that broker.
  • The amount of the cooperating broker commission received by Hardy and Company can vary on individual properties. If the seller is offering less than 3%, the amount of your savings may be less.
  • If we show you more than 5 properties, the amount of the commission savings will be reduced as follows:
    • 1-5 properties - we attempt to save you 1.00% of the purchase price
    • 6-8 properties - we attempt to save you 0.75% of the purchase price
    • 9-11 properties - we attempt to save you 0.50% of the purchase price
    • 12+ properties - there is no commission savings. Of course, you will continue to receive our top notch service until you find the property that is right for you.
  • To be eligible for the savings, Hardy and Company, LLC must have acted as your sole and exclusive broker/agent in the purchase of real estate.
  • The minimum fee to Hardy and Company is $3,000.00.
  • The seller has to agree to the reduction in commission for us to be able to negotiate a lower sales price of the property. In our experience, this has not been an issue as it doesn't effect the seller's net proceeds.
  • The offer of savings is subject to regulations, conditions, limitations, exclusions, modifications, and/or discontinuation without notice.