Full Service Listing

Full Service Listing

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    Hardy and Company Fee: A $695.00 Listing Fee is due at the time of listing (this is what you are purchasing on this page), plus a commission equal to 1.50%* of the sales price (paid at closing). *Subject to a minimum fee at closing of $4,000.

    The Hardy and Company Full Service Listing is for property owners who need full representation from day one, but don’t want to pay the high rates typically associated with a traditional brokerage.

    Like our other listings, the Hardy and Company Full Service Listing gives you maximum exposure to brokers & agents who belong to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and puts your property in front of buyers by placing your listing on national real estate websites. This includes sites like Zillow, Trulia, REALTOR.com®, and many more!

    This listing also includes photos, scheduling of showings, flyers, and we represent you fully from day one. When you receive an offer, we help you negotiate the contract, see you through the contingencies, deliver the required disclosures, provide guidance, and review the closing documents prepared by the title company.

      Included in the Full Service Listing:

      Listing Services:

      • We perform a comparative market analysis (CMA).
      • We provide you with pricing guidance and advice.
      • Your home is professionally photographed.
      • We place a yard sign with Hardy & Company’s contact info on your property.

      MLS Listing:

      • Your home or land is listed on the local MLS for 12 months (may be extended at the end of the listing term with an extension fee).
      • Your listing can have the maximum number of photos MLS allows (up to 99 in the Santa Fe MLS and Albuquerque MLS; up to 20 in the New Mexico MLS).
      • Your listing is posted to the MLS within one business day of receiving your photos and listing information.
      • Once posted, your listing will be immediately available to all brokers who are a member of the MLS.

      National & International Internet Marketing Exposure:

      • Your property is placed on Zillow and Trulia - and on their apps.
      • Your property is placed on REALTOR.com® and also on the REALTOR.com® apps.
      • Your property will be posted on REALTOR.com® International – for international exposure.
      • Your property will be posted to major national websites, such as: Homes.com, HomeFinder.com, RealtyTrac, The Real Estate Book, Homes and Land, and many more.
      • Your property will appear on local brokerage and agent sites via IDX (Internet Data Exchange)

      The Support You Need:

      • A licensed real estate broker is available to answer your questions throughout the sales process.
      • All inquiries and leads from your listing are sent to you, so you can follow up with the prospect.
      • You can make unlimited changes and updates to your listing at no additional charge.
      • If you decide to have an open house, we will help you market it by posting the event to the MLS, REALTOR.com®, and Zillow.
      • Yard sign with your contact information printed on the sign.
      • You can cancel or pause your listing at any time with no fees or penalties.
      • Contract and Closing Support:
        • We fully represent you from the moment you receive an offer.
        • We negotiate all offers, counteroffers & contingencies.
        • We handle all the paperwork on approved Real Estate Association of New Mexico forms.
        • We work with the title company, the buyer’s lender, the buyer's broker to see you through the closing process.

      Our Listing includes everything you would get from a “traditional” broker with just two exceptions:

      • We do not host open houses.  We believe that open houses are primarily for the benefit of the agent holding the house open and that they are rarely the primary reason a buyer writes an offer. You are welcome to hold your house open and we will help you market it by posting your event to Zillow, the MLS, and REALTOR.com®.
      • We do not purchase print advertising. Statistics show that less than 2% of buyers find a property through print advertising. Therefore, the cost-benefit just does not add up. However, you are welcome to purchase your own print advertising.

      How You Save Money With Our Full Service Listing:

      The following shows the commission costs associated with selling a $400,000 home.

      Traditional Broker
      Hardy & Company Full Service Listing
      (You find the buyer)
      Hardy & Company Full Service Listing
      (A broker brings the buyer)
      Listing Commission $12,000.00 (3%) $6,000.00 (1.5%) $6,000.00 (1.5%)
      Selling Commission $12,000.00 (3%) $0.00 $12,000.00 (3%)
      Listing Fee $0.00 $695.00 $695.00
      Total Fees and Commissions Paid $24,000.00 $6,695.00 $18,695.00
      Hardy & Co. Savings –>
       — No Savings — $17,305.00

      If a buyer’s broker brings the buyer, you (the seller) will be responsible for paying that broker a commission at closing. The commission rate is set by you, at the time of listing, and is often between 2% and 3%. If you find the buyer on your own, you pay nothing more than our flat fee (Subject to a minimum fee at closing of $3,000). In New Mexico, all fees and commissions are subject to New Mexico gross receipts tax (sales tax).

      Please note that we only list properties that will be closed through a title company with title insurance

      Get Your Property Listed - as easy as 1... 2... 3

      1. Buy the listing.
      2. After you checkout, we will contact you to schedule a time to visit your property. 
      3. We will schedule photography, provide pricing information, and then have the property listed, generally, within a week. 

      Our Full ServiceListing is available in and around the Santa Fe Area. 

      If your property is located outside the Santa Fe area, please consider our Listing + Contract and Closing Support Program

      Testimonials and Reviews from our Happy Clients:

      We SOLD our house in one week! Your professional advice and personal interest in the sale made the whole process a much less intimidating experience. We knew that whatever question we needed answered or form we had to fill out, you would be quickly available to help us. There is no reason to use a full-commission realtor! Thank you for offering the precise services we needed. We appreciate your thoroughness and will certainly tell our friends about this real estate sale option.

      – S.T. & D.L., Santa Fe, NM $20,705 in Commission Savings and Sold in 7 Days!

      Thank you for offering such a Great service! We closed on time!

      – J.G.., Albuquerque, NM $6,700 in Commission Savings!

      My husband and I were first time home owners and were in the tough situation of needing to sell our home without enough equity to be able to pay a traditional Realtor. We were terrified of trying to sell it on our own, but simply didn’t have the money to try anything else. Our experience using Hardy & Co.’s listing service to sell our home was lovely. We were astounded at the amount of help and the resources we received for the price we paid. From the one-on-one phone consultations to the paperwork, forms, and explanations of duties, Steve Hardy helped my husband and I to be well prepared to sell our home ourselves. With all his help and support, Steve made the whole process manageable and almost (dare I say?) easy. Now I tell all my friends that even if they have the money to pay a full Realtor fee they should seriously consider one of Hardy & Co.’s listing plans.

      – K.R., Albuquerque, NM $3,845 in Commission Savings and Sold in 63 Days!

      Just a note to thank you for providing the flat fee MLS service that we used to sell our home, as well as your prompt professional attention to questions and concerns I had. The MLS exposure we received with this program helped us sell our home in just 4 days!

      – G. S., Los Lunas, NM $6,156 in Commission Savings and Sold in 4 Days!

      Thanks for your help, I am really impressed with your services!

      – M. I., Albuquerque, NM

      Thank you for your help, you have been terrific!

      – L. P., Albuquerque, NM

      Thank you very much for your service. Listing with you was easy. You were a great help guiding me through the process of house selling and providing invaluable advice. I would recommend your services to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.

      – V. M., Albuquerque, NM – $5,550 in Commission Savings and Sold in 7 Days!

      Thank you again for your assistance with this sale. I found you and your services quick, highly efficient and simple to use. I will definitely recommend your company! – T. B., Albuquerque, NM

      – $5,443 in Commission Savings and Sold in 14 Days!

      I love your approach to Real Estate!

      – J. P., Santa Fe, NM

      Steve’s [Hardy’s] calm, cool, and confident demeanor partnered with his Can-Do attitude made our transaction as smooth as possible. He is a skilled negotiator, and explained each step of the way simply and clearly which resulted in our feeling very comfortable throughout the process. Steve truly understands that real estate transactions should feel like a “win-win” at the closing table. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Steve, and would happily have him represent us in any future transactions.

      – M. B., Santa Fe, NM $18,800+ in Commission Savings!